The fashion industry is all about collaboration, and no creative ever works alone. In this spirit we collaborate with The Masters Institute of Creative Education who provide a range of unaccredited short courses, workshops and panel discussions. The Masters is a new type of education provider and here at Holmes Institute | Fashion we think they are fantastic. Degrees are incredibly important but short courses and workshops are fast becoming the way industry insiders keep on top of changing trends and technological innovations. 

The Masters provide a huge range of unaccredited short course and workshop classes aimed to help students UpSkill in specific skillsets that sit outside the remit of traditional degrees. They also conduct amazing photoshoot experiences, panel discussions and free industry education events. 

You never work alone in the fashion industry, you constantly need to be working and collaborating with others to bring your ideas alive, and the education sector is no different! We are different institutes but we share a passion for educating the next generation of creatives!

We highly recommend all our students to engage with The Masters for short course upskilling, personal development and general education of what life in the creative sector is really like.

The Masters Institute of Creative Education is an affiliate of Holmes Institute | Fashion, but is not part of Holmes Institute. The Masters instead are experts in delivering short course offerings which we at Holmes think are terrific!



The Masters provide fantastic short, unaccredited, courses on specific topics challenging the wider creative industry.

  • Professional Styling

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro)

  • Fashion Design

  • Pattern Making & Garment Construction

  • Fashion Show Production

  • Modeling & Casting

  • Laser safety training for the beauty and wellness industry

  • Hair and MakeUp short courses

  • And more added every week


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